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Antenatal Care

Our attached Midwife offers care and advice throughout pregnancy, during labour and in the post natal period. She can be contacted via the surgery and holds an ante-natal clinic here on Wednesdays.

If you are pregnant there is no need to see a doctor. Please make a booking appointment with the Midwife at the ante-natal clinic when you are between 8 – 10 weeks pregnant.

If in doubt our Receptionists will be able to advise you.

Asthma & COPD

Patients with asthma are encouraged to come at least once a year for a check to make sure that their condition is under control. Both Nurses in the practice can carry out a full asthma review.

Our Practice Nurse also monitors patients with more serious lung problems and will measure their lung function on a regular basis.

Cervical smears

All Nurses in the Practice are trained to take cervical smears. Women are encouraged to take advantage of this screening service as any problems are easily treated if found early.

Childhood immunisations

These are given by the Practice Nurse  by appointment for your convenience.

Chlamydia screening

All of our Nurses are trained to offer annual Chlamydia screening and counselling.


Our Practice Nurse holds regular clinics to monitor patients with Diabetes. She works together with one of the Doctors to make sure that Diabetes is well controlled to slow the progression of the disease.

Earwax Build-up advice

Earwax normally just falls out on its own. When it’s blocking your ears, a pharmacist can help.

Symptoms of earwax build-up

  • hearing loss
  • earache or a feeling that your ears are blocked
  • ringing or buzzing in your ears (tinnitus)
  • vertigo (feeling dizzy and sick)

How you can treat earwax build-up yourself


Do not use your fingers or any objects like cotton buds to remove earwax. This will push it in and make it worse.

Earwax usually falls out on its own. If it does not and blocks your ear, put 2 to 3 drops of medical grade olive or almond oil in your ear 3 to 4 times a day. Do this for 3 to 5 days.

It is recommended you use a dropper while lying your head on one side for a few minutes to let the oil work its way through your ear canal(s).

You may find it easier to do this first thing in the morning and then just before you go to sleep.

Over about 2 weeks, lumps of earwax should fall out of your ear, especially at night when you’re lying down.

There’s no evidence that ear candles or ear vacuums get rid of earwax.

A pharmacist can help with earwax build-up

Speak to a pharmacist about earwax build-up. They can give advice and suggest treatments.

They might recommend medicines to dissolve the earwax. The earwax should fall out on its own or dissolve after about a week.

Do not use drops if you have a hole in your eardrum (a perforated eardrum).

See a nurse at your GP practice if:

your symptoms have not cleared after 5 days

your ear is badly blocked and you cannot hear anything (you can get an infection if it has not cleared)

Family Planning

We offer a full range of contraceptive services. Our Practice Nurses are fully trained to give family planning advice. Dr Ola offers Nexplanon implant fitting and removal.

Emergency contraception, e.g. the morning after pill, is also available at the practice.

For more information regarding your contraception options before you have a consultation or if you are considering changing your method. Please click on the following link for more information.

Contraception Advice

First Contact Practitioner (FCP)

Hi I’m Tom and I work at Stickney Surgery as a First Contact Physiotherapist. Previous to taking up this role last year, I worked as the lead Physiotherapist for Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery at Pilgrim Hospital, as well as working in the Physiotherapy Outpatient service for many years before that. I’m also known by some at the surgery as an MSK Practitioner. Both titles are used interchangeably and they essentially mean the same thing. The latter title was created to help people to identify our roles as separate to that of a more traditional rehab Physiotherapist you maybe more accustomed to.FCPs are different in that we have undertaken more advanced level training to to be able to provide safe, high quality assessment, diagnosis, self-care advice +/- first line management and onward referral, as appropriate, for patients presenting with musculoskeletal (MSK) problems – all usually without the need for you to see your GP. A musculoskeletal problem can be anything from back or neck pain to tennis elbow, knee pain or a trapped nerve (to name a few examples)

As an FCP I am able to independently request diagnostic imaging such as MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound and CT scans where appropriate and required.I can also perform at the surgery, where indicated, joint and soft tissue injections using corticosteroid. Corticosteroid injections, when used at the correct time, can help play a crucial role in the management of pain and inflammation in many MSK conditions such as osteoarthritis, shoulder impingement, trigger finger and plantar fasciitis. This is especially so if other explored conservative management options have failed.I am also an independent prescriber, meaning in most cases, I will be able to provide you with a prescription for pain medication, where appropriate, during your appointment. I can also advise where you may in fact be able to stop taking some pain medication – where its use may no longer be indicated.Lastly I can provide you with a FIT note for work should you require time off the requirement for altered duties without the need to see your GP. The overall aim therefore of the service is to provide you as the patient, with a faster and more effective way to manage and treat your musculoskeletal problem.

If you require a consultation, or are seeking advice on managing a MSK problem, then please get in touch with our reception team at the surgery and they will book you an appointment with myself. This initial assessment will be done over the phone, whereby you may be invited for a face to face assessment following if and where required.

Flu Clinics

Flu clinics dates are to be confirmed for the flu season. You are only eligible to receive a flu vaccination if you are aged 65 or over, are a carer, pregnant or suffer from one of the following illnesses:

  • Diabetes
  • Asthma requiring inhaled or systemic steroids
  • COPD
  • Chronic Heart Disease
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Chronic Liver Disease
  • Chronic Neurological Disease
  • Immunosuppression (or if you live with an immunosuppressed patient)
  • Stroke/TIA
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Diseases of Central Nervous System

Invitations to attend for your flu vaccination are being sent out to eligible patients and we urge you all to have a vaccination if you have been identified as being at risk.

Nurse Practitioner

Our Nurse Practitioners are highly qualified and has undertaken advanced training to enable them to prescribe and manage patients with undiagnosed minor illnesses.
If you are offered an appointment with one of our Nurse Practitioners they can deal with the following symptoms:

  • Coughs
  • Colds
  • Sore Throats
  • Head Lice
  • Rash
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Eye Infection
  • Pain relief
  • Worms
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Obesity
  • Minor Injuries
  • Ear Problems
  • Bites/Stings
  • Hay-Fever
  • Diarrhoea & Vomiting
  • Sinusitis
  • Vaginal Discharge
  • Dizziness
  • Impetigo
  • Verruca
  • Psoriasis & Eczema


For the convenience of patients needing blood tests we hold daily phlebotomy clinics, by appointment. These are run by our Healthcare assistants who are fully trained.

Stopping smoking

If you want help to stop smoking you can self-refer to One You Lincolnshire Be Smoke Free

Travel vaccinations

If you require any vaccinations relating to foreign travel you need to make an appointment with the practice nurse to discuss your travel arrangements. This will include which countries and areas within countries that you are visiting to determine what vaccinations are required.

It is important to make this initial appointment as early as possible – at least 6 weeks before you travel – as a second appointment will be required with the practice nurse to actually receive the vaccinations. These vaccines have to be ordered as they are not a stock vaccine. Your second appointment needs to be at least 2 weeks before you travel to allow the vaccines to work.

Some travel vaccines are ordered on a private prescription and these incur a charge over and above the normal prescription charge. This is because not all travel vaccinations are included in the services provided by the NHS.

Travel health questionnaire

To help us offer the appropriate advice, please fill out the online form before coming to see the nurse.

Travelling in Europe

If you are travelling to Europe the EU has published useful information for travellers on the European website.


Routine and travel vaccinations for all ages are available during surgery times by appointment with our nurses.

Flu vaccinations, for those eligible, will receive invites later in the year. Please check the practice website and notice boards for more information about clinic times in the autumn.

Warfarin monitoring

Our Practice Nurse is fully trained to monitor Warfarin doses and holds a weekly clinic on Tuesday morning by appointment.

Weight loss

If you want to lose weight, our nursing team in the Practice can help you with dietary and lifestyle advice and regular support.

You can also self-refer to One You Lincolnshire Eat Well, Lose Weight.